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Denim jeans with grippy kneepads

MooMoo denim crawlies are now available in sizes 6-12 months, 12-18 months and 18-24 months.

They are made from lightweight 100% cotton denim and have mock front pockets, real back pockets, a comfortable cotton knit waistband and, most importantly, grippy knee-pads!  The grippy knee-pads provide the necessary grip for babies that are struggling to get mobile on tiles or laminate floors, and also provide extra knee protection for crawling babies that crawl so fast and so much their knees take strain.

These trousers are sure to be worn as soon as they are out the wash, so it might be wise to buy 2 pairs!

Click on this link to go to that section of our shop.

4 thoughts on “Denim jeans with grippy kneepads

  1. Hi, do u have a shop I can go into to buy this gorgeous denim crawlies? Or do I have to buy it online please let me know urgently how this works. Thank u

    1. Hi Trisha! There are a few shops that stock our things, but for the denim crawlies, it is best to shop online for the best selection- here is a link straight to that section of the website.

      Kind regards,

      1. Hi please can u give me names of shops in Durban or Johannesburg that keep your clothes as I don’t have a credit card to shop online

        1. We are in Kids Emporium West Rand and Kids Emporium Fourways, but I would phone first to check their stock levels. You can also opt to pay via eft on the website.

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