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The playmat that becomes a storage bag- Mobimat

MobiMat™ is one of those products that has just taken my breath away!  Designed and made here in Cape Town- by a mom (obviously!),  it is one of those inventions we have all wished for as we crouch down to tidy away all those itty bitty lego blocks, and other toys with many parts that are strewn all over the floor!

We are so proud to now include Mobimats in our product offering.

Any parent who has had a regular daily date on their child’s bedroom floor crawling around on their hands and knees picking up tiny pieces of lego – or other easily scattered small toys – may now let out a loud cheer!  MobiMat, designed by a knee sore mother of 3 small lego loving boys, is a no-tidying required play and storage solution.  This comfortable, attractive and intelligently designed playmat becomes a handy storage bag with one pull on the cord.  So simple is it to use that packing away can become a child managed activity requiring no adult help.  Click on any pic to buy yours today!