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5 Uses for Shooshoo bags

We just love ShooShoos packaging! Shooshoos come in a thick, transparent PVC bag with cute handles and it just feels too nice to just put straight into the recycle bin.  So we came up with some fun uses for it.
You could:

 1.  Store suncream and sunblock in it in your beach bag!  If you get any spills or sand you can simply wipe or rinse the bag.
2.  Use a Shooshoo bag for storing wet and sandy swimwear after your visit to the beach or pool! Pack dry shorts and tshirts before you leave home in the bag and do an easy swop when finished on the beach.
3. Store a damp facecloth in the plastic bag as an eco-friendly, reusable wet wipe.
4. Pop an empty ShooShoos bag in your nappy bag for any spoilt or dirty clothes that you want to keep separate!
5. Store crayons and crafts for keeping little ones busy and occupied at restaurants.
So click here to purchase a Shooshoos bag- and get a pair of gorgeous Shooshoos as an extra bonus!