About MooMoo

A bit more about MooMoo Kids …

MooMoo Kids was started by a mom, Cam Shackleton, who struggled to find the sleeping bags she had seen when living in London, here in SA. She resorted to making them herself … friends loved them and wanted them for their little ones … and hence MooMoo Kids began!  We are now an established, proudly South African, brand in the baby and toddler market.


Cam tells the story like this:

People often ask when we started, and this seemingly easy question is actually very hard to answer! What I can say is that the growth of the business has been very organic, from my finding a wonderful machinist, Maureen (who still makes some of our MooMoo sleeping bags), and making a few sleeping bags for friends in 2005/06, the business grew gradually, alongside my children, Matthew and Sophie! I must also say that none of it would have come about without the constant encouragement and support of my husband, Pete.

The name MooMoo is what we called Matthew, when he was little, and his wriggly behaviour at night necessitated the making of MooMoo sleeping bags. So the children and the business are inextricably linked.

The winter of 2009 marked a big boost for MooMoo Kids as we branched out from just sleeping bags to include MooMoo kiddigrows, which were initially only available in 3 colours of fleece and just 3 sizes.

We now do onesies for 7-8 years up to adult sizes, so the whole family can be “MooMoo’ed”.  2013 saw us move from our garage at my house (yes, the classic startup!)  to Westside Business Park in Westlake.

Our focus is, and always will be, on providing high quality products that our customers want, along with high levels of service and integrity in all that we do. I believe that if we focus our efforts on these, our secondary goals of building a profitable, sustainable and stable business that provides flexible employment for a number of South Africans should follow naturally. So far, this has proven to be true.


A proudly South African original

We are proud to be able to say that ALL MooMoo products are made locally, here in Cape Town. As part of our “local is lekker” philosophy, we make a point of sourcing locally made fabrics and trims as much as possible.  We are proud to say that each MooMoo product is a genuine “South African original”!



Integrity is a core value here at MooMoo Kids, and we feel our returns policy sums this up:


This means that every MooMoo product undergoes a thorough quality check before being sent out, and if you are not happy with your purchase, for whatever reason, you are encouraged to contact us, so that we can make it right!


Other small-scale factories in Cape Town now make up most of the MooMoo kiddigrows, jumpsuits, beach gowns and sunwear.  Some of them only supply MooMoo Kids, and we are proud to be sustaining these other small enterprises.