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Are you doing everything you can to protect your little one?

In South Africa with our harsh sun we are obsessed with smothering sunscreen all over our toddlers, keeping their faces and necks protected with a widebrimmed sunhat and covering them in UV protective clothing.

As parents we do all we can to protect our precious children from harmful UV rays.

But how many of you have thought about the UV rays your toddlers and kids eyes are being exposed to?
The first thing I do when I go outside is reach for my ‘sunnies’. I don’t drive without them and wouldn’t dream of watching a game of cricket or a school gala without them, yet my children’s eyes are exposed all the time to damaging rays unprotected!
I am so super excited to discover Real Kids sunglasses and truly think they are unbelievable.
This company has definitely ticked all the boxes in my opinion. Their enthusiasm for preserving children’s eyes really is their number one priority and this drives their passion for what they do.
With 100% UVA and UVB protective lenses these fabulous sunglasses for kids are necessary, practical and attractive. They are also virtually unbreakable and non toxic!
You can literally bend and stretch these sunglasses and squash them at the bottom of your bag. Your toddler can safely chew on the flexible non toxic arms – one Mom even drove over a pair and they were undamaged!
Real Kids are suitable for toddlers and children and even have a young adults range. Styles are on trend with funky colours and designs as well as a school range.
The packaging is simple, sufficient and non fussy. You can buy an extra strap to secure them if need be.
I love the idea that parents are becoming more aware of how important it is to protect our kids eyes from an early age. Did you know that all the damage we do to our eyes is done by the time we turn 18 years old or that buying fun gimmicky sunglasses actually magnifies the UV rays?
I am definitely buying my boys a pair each and they will become as important as leaving the house with a hat on!
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