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Ultra-lightweight sleeping bag

Ultra lightweight MooMoo sleeping bag

In order to facilitate using a sleeping bag through summer, MooMoo Kids have developed an ultra-lightweight summer sleeping bag, which is the equivalent of sleeping under a sheet.  It is made from just a single layer of 100% cotton.  In all other respects, it has all the features of our winter and summer weight sleeping bags, which include:

  • A double-zip, so you can unzip the bottom of the bag for additional ventilation, to check on the temperature of your little one’s feet, or to do a night-time nappy change without taking the sleeping bag off
  • A zip-protector and chin-guard so that the zip does not annoy your baby
  • Our well-known and much appreciated extra width for maximum freedom of movement
  • Made from beautiful 100% cotton in a range of prints and plains
  • In sizes from age 0-6 months right up to age 3-5 years
  • Made in South Africa, to exacting quality standards

It can feel tempting to leave your baby out of their sleeping bag on warmer nights in summer.  It can also be tempting to just use a sleeping bag in winter, when baby will definitely be cold without it.

BUT, if you are wanting to ensure the best chance of baby (and therefore, of course, you!), getting a good night’s rest, it is best to keep them in a sleeping bag through summer.

Here are the reasons for this:

  • Consistency– the sleeping bag becomes part of baby’s sleep cues and works in conjunction with the rest of your bed-time (and nap-time) routine to signal that this is sleepy time
  • Temperature dips– even in summer, as an adult, there is a time in the early morning hours, where temperatures dip and we pull up our covers and carry on sleeping.  Your baby won’t pull up covers, so will wake up!
  • You may well find your baby just simply sleeps better in a sleeping bag.  Air on skin has a very different feeling to fabric on skin and can cause wakefulness.  This is the same for many grownups, who prefer to sleep under a sheet, even when it is hot.
  • If you allow your baby the complete freedom of movement that not having a sleeping bag offers, you could potentially have a problem getting baby to go back into one when cooler weather is back.
  • You lose the advantages that sleeping bags offer in terms of reducing the chances of legs getting caught between the cot rungs, as well as the useful way a sleeping bag reduces a baby’s “climbing-out-of-cot” ability!

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Why do I need a baby swim nappy?

Nowadays, many swimming schools in South Africa offer wonderful baby and caregiver swimming lessons in beautifully heated, indoor swimming pools.  These lessons for babies provide a special way to bond with your baby, while also teaching them to be water-safe.   Swimming teachers then do a gentle transition from water-safety basics with you in the pool,  to teaching little ones to swim, while you watch from the sidelines. Until your baby is potty trained, teachers require a swimming nappy to be worn in the pool.

So, if you are keen to do baby swimming lessons, one of the first things you will need is a swim nappy.  We are very proud to sell the cutest swim nappies on the market- Mother Nature Swim nappies!

Mother Nature swim nappies have the following features:

  • Available in 2 sizes that cover weights from 7kg- 10 kg (size medium) and 11kg+ (size large)
  • 3 sets of poppers on each side of the nappy, so you can get the fit just right
  • Cute fabrics so that the nappy can easily be worn on its own (in indoor pools where sun exposure is not a concern)
  • Front tie for nautical pizzazz
  • Great used under MooMoo poppersuits when out in the sun
  • Endorsed by swimming teachers
  • Machine-washable and able to be used again and again
  • Save money because you won’t ever need expensive disposable swim nappies

Please note that when in water, swimming nappies will not prevent urine from escaping, but are there to “catch a poo” (this is the same for a disposable swimming nappy).  For outside the water, Mother Nature swim nappies do have a towelling inner to prevent leaks.

Click on this link to find out more.

Click on this link to buy one now.

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When babies, toddlers and children refuse to wear a hat

It is such a common problem.  Parents are always telling me that their baby/child simply refuses to wear a hat.

In my opinion, wearing a sunhat in South Africa in the summer sun, is just not negotiable- like seat-belts and car-seats.  Reducing the risk of skin cancer is one of the modern parents (many!) important responsibilities.

Here are some practical strategies for getting hats on heads.

Distraction is often best for babies- just pop the hat on while pointing out something interesting and they may well not notice the hat (especially one of the MooMoo baby sunhats, which are beautifully soft and comfortable!).

But as soon as babies are mobile, or for toddlers and children, calm, consistent enforcement of the “no hat, no outside play” rule is called for and this is not as hard as some parents anticipate.

The key thing is not to make the mistake of starting the sunhat on/off game, where as soon as you pop the sunhat back on your toddler takes it off.  This is a highly unproductive exercise- admittedly, quite fun for the little one, but completely frustrating for the parent!

So, instead, if your toddler takes the hat off, don’t put it back on- just pick them up and bring them inside, saying- “No hat, no outside play”.  You can intentionally set up a fun activity outside (eg a basin of water with toys, a new toy in the sand-pit, etc),  so they will be highly motivated to get back out there.  Tell them they need to wear the hat to play outside, pop it back on and let them go out again….  a few repetitions of this exercise and your little one will know the rule and be playing happily with a hat on!

Of course, you must also wear one- leading by example is also very important, as well as ensuring all other caregivers know the new rule.

With older children, gently explaining the dangers of the sun- especially if they have grandparents who have had to have cancerous lesions cut out- is a highly effective strategy for getting hats to be worn.  Most schools also make wearing hats at break and for sport compulsory nowadays.

To make it easy for everyone, have a basket with hats for the whole family kept at the door to the garden- and then another full set of hats in your excursion/nappy bag, or just in the car.

Click on this link to shop our great sunhat collection- you can never have too many hats!


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MooMoo raincoats

MooMoo raincoats are designed to bring some brightness and fun to an otherwise grey and rainy day!  We have selected a few really fun prints and had them printed onto waterproof fabric to bring South African children the ultimate in rainwear!

Our raincoats have the following features:

  • Zip-fronts with sturdy Ykk zips so that they stay closed and keep the rain OUT
  • A zip-protector on the outside, so that rain doesn’t sneak in through the zip and a chin-guard so the zip does not annoy the child
  • A generous-sized hood, with ties so the hood doesn’t flip off in the wind.  The ties ensure hair stays dry.
  • The fabric is waterproof and the seams are taped, to ensure clothes underneath stay dry.
  • Available in sizes from 1-2 years right up to 5-6 years.

The raincoats are generous in size, to make sure there is room underneath for warm jerseys and jackets in winter.  Made in South Africa, to exacting standards, you will find cheaper raincoats around, but none as sweet and practical as ours.

Click here to shop for one, or consider getting a MooMoo rainsuit for even more coverage from the elements.

MooMoo raincoat in animals print




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Winter MooMoo sleeping bag in stars print

Kieran looks so snug and cuddly in his winter MooMoo sleeping bag!  This is the stars print, which works beautifully for boys and girls.

MooMoo winter sleeping bags are made from 100% brushed cotton inners, with 100% cotton outers.  These 2 layers sandwich a puffy polyester filling (much like a duvet).

The zips on our sleeping bags are unique, in that they have pullers on both sides.  This means they are easy to open from the top for getting babies in and out, and ALSO open from the bottom, which is great for night-time nappy changes, to check on the temperature of baby’s feet, or to leave open for extra ventilation on warmer nights.

MooMoo sleeping bags are available in sizes from 0-6 months right up to age 3-5 years.  We are pretty sure we offer the longest length sleeping bags in South Africa!  For little ones that are already in their big beds, the bottom zip puller can come in handy to expose their legs so that they are able to walk to their parents’ room in the morning.

Please refer to our temperature guide to see whether you should buy a summer or winter sleeping bag, and what to dress your little one in at various room temperatures.

Click on this link to shop for one!






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MooMoo babygrows

Well, a babygrow is not a new concept.

When my children were babies, I quickly realised a babygrow is the ideal babywear.  No worries about their soft little tummies being hurt or restricted by a waistband, their feet were covered, and nappy changing was easy.  I remember often keeping the night-time babygrow on in the morning (assuming it was dry, etc after the night, and that was definitely not always the case!) and just adding some cuter clothing over, if I was going out.  My babies did not enjoy being dressed in fiddly things, so unlike the dolls I loved dressing as a child!

Anyway, back to babygrows and how useful they are.  One of the issues I sometimes had with babygrows, was when the design was what I would describe as fussy.  My babies hated clothes being pulled over their heads, so a babygrow where one needed to pull it over, was a no-no in my house.  Then, many all-in-ones, and I am yet to understand the logic- have hoods.   Hoods with ears are really cute, but I don’t understand putting them on garments babies are probably going to sleep in because there is just so much more risk of them getting caught/strangled/suffocated in the hood.  I had some cute little jackets with hoods, which I loved, but I would not recommend putting a baby to sleep in a onesie with a hood.

So,  babygrows are not new, but we would like to believe the MooMoo babygrow is the ultimate all-in-one baby clothing solution!

MooMoo babygrows feature:

  • a choice of 100% pure cotton, or 100% polyester fleece, or 100% polyester coral fleece (the fluffy version)
  • a zip-front, because sometimes it is tricky to get all those poppers done up in the correct order (this is often the case in the middle of the night, when you are trying to quickly change a sleepy, little one and time is of the essence!)
  • a full-length zip protector with chin guard, so that the zip does not make contact with your little one’s precious skin
  • a double zip, so that you can unzip from the bottom, to check on the nappy- or change it- while baby’s chest is still covered.  We call this our “upsy-daisy” feature!
  • all MooMoo products are made with pride and to the highest quality standards, here in Cape Town

Click here to shop MooMoo babygrows in cotton and here to shop for fleece ones.


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Childhood tics

Both of my children suffer from various forms of transient tic disorder and always have. Sometimes it feels as if I will end up in the loony bin myself just watching them. It is very stressful and sometimes my husband and I just look at each other in bewilderment. At the moment we are down to one child with two tics but I have experienced two children displaying two or three different tics each at the same time. It feels like Crazyville.

If you are a Mom of children who do this, you will understand the level of anxiety it causes to you and how much you would like to hit the helpful person in the face who insists on pointing it out to you and your child!

My youngest son started a few days before going back to school with hectic eye blinking. He does do this anyway but once he is under any form of stress it goes up a notch. If I could have 500 bucks every time someone ingenuously suggests I try eye drops and then stressing him out further so that the blinking is radical, I would be very rich.

He also twitches his shoulder when he is feeling self conscious. He clicks it in and out of the socket and if you point it out the intensity increases two fold.

Both boys have had an awful persistent sniff (you really do feel like you may go insane), a very annoying cough throat tickle thing, shoulder shrugging, neck grimacing (which is very challenging to watch without reacting), and eye twitching and blinking.

I blame my husband’s side of the family (unusual behaviour is definitely from him), and just have to be extremely patient. It is temporary and will pass. My kids are both highly functioning boys who do very well at school and are happy, amazing and sociable.

My advice if you see a child with ‘quirks’ please don’t point them out – their Mom is very aware of them and struggling inside.

Transient tic disorder is a temporary condition in which a person makes one or many brief, repeated, movements or noises (tics). These movements or noises are involuntary (not on purpose).

Transient tic disorder is common in children.

Tic – transient tic disorder.

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Back to school

Our wide-brimmed adjustable sunhats are just the thing for playschool and preschool fun!

 MooMoo sunhats are all certified UPF50+, and provide the best coverage from the sun, at any angle.  The adjustable toggle ensures a perfect fit without needing a strap under the chin that little ones often find annoying.

They are also make from 100% cotton, for breathability.


You can order yours by clicking on this link here


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Buying online – don’t get conned!

Online shopping is truly amazing and so convenient especially at this time of year but there are so many fraudsters waiting in the wings to take your hard earned cash.

It is despicable but a reality and you need to double check when buying from a company for the first time.

Check the company’s website for a legitimate telephone number and address. If there is no way to contact this company offline, this may be a red flag that the business is not legitimate.

Browse the company’s website for discrepancies and indicators of professionalism. If a website says one thing in one spot, and then contradicts itself in another spot, that’s a red flag that the business is not coordinated and may be a scam that was hastily thrown together.

Review the website’s policy pages. Legitimate companies will almost always have terms of use or terms and conditions pages, as well as privacy policy pages. If they do have terms and privacy policies, read through them carefully for suspicious sounding language.

Look for decent content. Phony referral business sites usually don’t have much content on their sites and usually have lots of legitimate company and BBB logos on their site to trick you into trusting them. A ‘big’ tip-off are stock photos or no photos of the company building, employees, or products. Avoid the company if all you see are stock photos of their so-called product, which is one of the easiest way to spot a fake web business!

Consider how the company accepts payments. They must must be 3D secure and display a padlock when completing payment.

Use Google to search for the company name or business owner. You can locate reviews and other information about the company and whether it’s a scam or not.

I also like to look the person up on Facebook and do a quick search on Hello Peter for any reviews or comments.

Safe shopping all!



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There is still time to get fully kitted out for your summer holiday!

Shop online now and have protected fun in the sun this summer. With free courier on all orders of R400 and over we can deliver to your door or your holiday house at the beach!

Our 100% cotton widebrimmed sunhats are loved by everybody and you can be assured that you are getting the best coverage from the sun, at any angle.

Our traditional style has an adjustable toggle at the back of the hat, ensuring a perfect fit without needing a strap under the chin that little ones often find annoying.   You can also select to rather have a strap and toggle under the chin, for those that don’t mind this! Either style won’t blow off in the wind.

Our fabrics are lovingly selected and UV tested.

We also have reversible baby sunhats for brand new heads, and ponytail hats for tweens.

MooMoo Kids sunwear is known for its quality long sleeved UV tops, poppersuits, sunsuits and UV suncaps with flaps. Smearing toxic sunscreen all over our kids is not ideal (and frustrating for them and you), so rather cover up with protective sunwear and rest easy.

Our wetsuit style long sleeved and long legged sunsuit is a new addition to our range this summer and ideal for very sensitive skin or kids that just love being in the sun and water all day! They will be protected and covered plus they love the sporty cool triathlete feel!

MooMoo Kids Beachgowns and Ponchos are our biggest sellers and perfect for after a long day at the beach. They can keep you warm once the wind picks up or just dry for the drive home. No fussing with getting clothes back on tired and fussy kids. Our gowns and ponchos are made out of real velour beach towelling to ensure high absorbency and quality. We make all our garments in Westlake at our warehouse and cater from 1-2 years up until large adult.

Our gowns are also super popular as Christmas gifts!

This holiday why not ensure total protection with UV eyewear. These amazing sunglasses are attractive, virtually unbreakable and 100% UVA and UVB protective. See previous post on protecting your children’s eyes from a young age.

With this selection and free courier to your door included you are guaranteed to relax on the beach in style this summer.

Have a happy and sun safe holiday!