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Becoming a MooMoo Mom!

As a way of saying thank you for all  your word of mouth marketing, which in our opinion is the most valuable way of letting other Moms know about us, we have started a unique rewards programme!
Signing up to be a MooMoo Mom couldn’t be easier.
Step 1 – Let us know you are keen!  Email with the subject MooMoo Mom.
Step 2 – Tell all your friends and family about us.
Step 3 – Gain 10% on all orders placed mentioning your name – Yes, you earn income in the form of commission on any purchase made on our website by your contacts!  Tell moms to mention your name in the comments box at checkout to earn your commission.
Bonus extras include an instant R100 off your first order and then a personal discount of 10% off all other orders placed.
MooMoo Moms also have the opportunity to be included in MooMoo focus groups, and to receive product samples as part of the development phase of future MooMoo products.
For those that are keen to get even more involved, becoming a MooMoo agent (and hosting MooMoo events) is an easy progression from being a MooMoo Mom.

Join us today!