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Buying online – don’t get conned!

Online shopping is truly amazing and so convenient especially at this time of year but there are so many fraudsters waiting in the wings to take your hard earned cash.

It is despicable but a reality and you need to double check when buying from a company for the first time.

Check the company’s website for a legitimate telephone number and address. If there is no way to contact this company offline, this may be a red flag that the business is not legitimate.

Browse the company’s website for discrepancies and indicators of professionalism. If a website says one thing in one spot, and then contradicts itself in another spot, that’s a red flag that the business is not coordinated and may be a scam that was hastily thrown together.

Review the website’s policy pages. Legitimate companies will almost always have terms of use or terms and conditions pages, as well as privacy policy pages. If they do have terms and privacy policies, read through them carefully for suspicious sounding language.

Look for decent content. Phony referral business sites usually don’t have much content on their sites and usually have lots of legitimate company and BBB logos on their site to trick you into trusting them. A ‘big’ tip-off are stock photos or no photos of the company building, employees, or products. Avoid the company if all you see are stock photos of their so-called product, which is one of the easiest way to spot a fake web business!

Consider how the company accepts payments. They must must be 3D secure and display a padlock when completing payment.

Use Google to search for the company name or business owner. You can locate reviews and other information about the company and whether it’s a scam or not.

I also like to look the person up on Facebook and do a quick search on Hello Peter for any reviews or comments.

Safe shopping all!