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Give Some Joy this Christmas

I just love Give Some Joy!

What an amazing initiative and worthwhile business. Buy something you need and put a child through school for a day with two meals! No brainer. Absolutely brilliant!

With a slogan of “Wrap for Education”, this company produces a gorgeous range of greetings cards, tags and wrapping paper that support early childhood education.

We all buy wrapping paper for our endless birthday parties and at Christmas time with so much waste and big retailers the only ones benefiting.

Now you can shop online and buy all your Christmas paper and all your birthday goodies for 2016 in one go and make a difference to a little person’s life.

The beneficiary of your purchase is Kleuterskool Akkerdoppies in Stellenbosh which is a well run pre-school. It offers education to over 160 children from the age of 6 months to Grade R with the aim of getting children school ready.

Not only that – the kids receive two full meals per day as well as literacy programmes. Awesome.

All of the artworks on the products are hand drawn by the very children who benefit from the sales!

Quite simply one pack of cards equals one day at school for one special person. 

This proudly South African company deserves your support.

Ordering is easy and delivery is smooth. I opted for post and had no problems.

For more info on Kleuterskool Akkerdoppies click on

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Do you need babyshower gift ideas?

Baby Showers are such a special event and a time to totally pamper Mom and new baby to be. I remember being so overwhelmed with what to buy and with such an overload of information it is wonderful to just relax with your friends and breathe and know that everything will be ok!

Most Mom’s today are VERY organised and have the basics covered so why not spoil your new Mommy with a MooMoo Kids Babyroo Bath Apron. This luxurious bamboo towelling apron is a real must for a Mom who appreciates superb, superior quality. The white towelling fits in with modern neutrals and our classic gingham trim in stone, pink or blue is the perfect extra touch. Handling a new slippery baby in the bath can be a stressful time and our bath aprons clip around the neck with a plastic popper and tie around the back to leave Mom or Dad hands free and confident and able to bond and cuddle baby. Shop here

Oh-Lief gift packs are another stunning gift for any new Mom. We are crazy about Oh-Lief products and think this set is a clever, practical and original idea. The natural and organic baby skincare range includes a bum balm, baby wax, insect balm, tummy wax, baby shampoo and body wash and an aqueous cream. Wow! Shop here

Tic-Tac-Toe gift sets are really very special. The packaging is gorgeous and these little bubble outfits are adorable! 100% cotton voile, classic prints and with matching little booties – I would be over the moon to receive one of these. Shop here

MooMoo Kids sleeping bags are a must for every new Mom. Sleep becomes the number one priority in your life with a new baby and getting them used to sleeping in a sleeping bag as soon as possible is a life saver. Our 100% cotton chambray cottons are soft and stylish. Our double sided YKK zips ensure easy access to check nappy or baby’s temperature without waking your precious bundle. A zip protector makes sure no hard metal is against your baby’s skin. Machine washable and tumble dryable. Shop here

All of these products are in line with our ‘local is lekker policy’ and made here in Cape Town.

Support local business and order online for quick convenient hassle free shopping. All orders over R400 are couriered free.

By Jo

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How to use a baby sleeping bag.

One of the most useful products I found with getting my boys into a good sleep routine was a sleeping bag.

I wouldn’t have gone without one and think that for me they were a vital step in establishing  a successful sleep time routine.

It is a good idea to get your baby used to a sleeping bag from around three to four months old. This is when they no longer want to be swaddled but still like the security of being snug.

Sleeping bags make sure that your baby is covered throughout the night because they can’t kick their covers off. It also slightly restricts too much movement for very wriggly customers who prefer acrobatics to sleeping!.

Sleeping bags are a great way for your little one to learn to associate sleep time with being in their sleeping bag.

After bathtime you could give your baby a soothing massage which helps bond and calm you both after a busy day.  You could then dress him in a 100% cotton poppervest and leggings to help nappy stay in place and to make sure no cold breezes sneak through any clothes gaps.

A MooMoo  kiddigrow will help keep snug over the poppervest if it is very cold and then into the sleeping bag.

The sleeping bag can be unzipped all the way around and spread out flat on your compactum or in your cot so it is not a struggle to get into.

Now you are ready for a warm bottle and a cuddle before bed.

Once your baby is relaxed and sleepy  you can lay him into the cot and if need be unzip the sleeping bag from the bottom using a double sided zip to see if nappy is dry and in place and  to also check that his body temperature  is not too warm.

Rezip and turn the lights low allowing baby to settle.

During the night the double sided zip is ideal for a quick nappy change and resettle without too much fuss!

Sleeping bags are machine washable and can be tumble dried on a low heat, are available in summer and winter weights and are 100% cotton outers.

Sleeping bags also make wonderful babyshower gifts for first time Moms if you need any ideas

Shop online at

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Get arty!

MooMoo Kids art aprons are ideal to keep your budding Picasso covered!
With long sleeves and long front and backs your little one can get as creative as they like without worrying about mess. You can just wipe them clean and keep making masterpieces!
They have elasticated wrists to keep sleeves in place and 2 strips of broad elastic at the back, so that they can be pulled on and off easily over the head. Super handy!

The edges are bound in fun, bright, bold kiddie’s prints, making it easy for your little one to identify his/her apron.

In primary red and blue they may even believe they are Superman or woman and be able to achieve all sort of things!


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Introducing Sleep Training Consultants

Rhonel, founder of Sleep Training Consultants, has 25 years of experience in helping parents establish good sleep routines.  She offers full support (with a consultant staying overnight) to ensure little ones can transition from needing help to go to sleep, to self-soothing in a safe, secure and loving way.  There is no crying it out or leaving your baby to become stressed only gentle guidance and care.

In order to eliminate as many unnecessary causes of night-time wakings, Rhonel endorses the use of MooMoo sleep solutions- specifically, MooMoo sleeping bags for little ones that are still in cots and MooMoo kiddigrows for toddlers that are in their “big beds”.

She has other useful suggestions like lining curtains with blockout lining so that rooms can be calmly dim- even when it is bright outside still.

Rhonel has experience with multiples, babies and toddlers and will give advice on feeding patterns, bedtime routines and offer general support to new Moms and Dads.

She is happy to travel and will base her recommendations around your family needs and requirements and work together to create a routine that works for you.

Rhonel’s passion for children matches ours and together we work towards making the lives of South African Moms more manageable.

A little planning and control goes a long way to creating a peaceful, contented home.

Please contact Rhonel on 072 222 6279 or 021 761 5840

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What my kids think of me!

By Jo

These questions are doing the rounds on facebook and we had such fun answering them! A great way to bond with your kids and get some insight into what they think! Take a moment and do your family a favour – enjoy!

1. What is something mum always says to you ?

Josh – Feed the dogs

Kai – Listen

2. What makes you happy ?

Josh – Weekends!

Kai – Swimming

3. How does mum make you laugh?

Josh – She tickles me

Kai – By dancing

4. What makes mum sad?

Josh – when we don’t listen

Kai – Us fighting

5. What was mum like as a child?

Josh – funny

Kai – funny

6. How old is mum ?


7. How tall is mum?

Josh – Taller than Messi (hilarious – I am measured in soccer players)

Kai – 1.65 (very precise!)

8. What is mums favourite thing to do ?

Josh – Go out to dinner. Spend time with the family.

Kai – Watch TV, read, dance

9. What does mum do when you’re not around ?

Josh – she goes to work

Kai – she works and drives

10. What is your mum really good at ?

Josh – Swimming (really!)

Kai – History and cooking (really!)

11. What is mum not really good at?

Josh – Running!

Kai – Running!

12. What does your mum do for a job ?

MooMoo Kids!

13. What is your mums favourite food ?

Josh – Chicken broccoli

Kai – Chicken casserole

14. What makes you proud of your mum?

Josh – that she never gives up at running

Kai – that she comes and watches all my sport

15. What do you and your mum do together ?

Josh – Go to Wakaberry

Kai – Go out to dinner without my brother!

16. How are you and your mum.the same ?

Josh – we have blue eyes

Kai – we are both very skinny (jackpot)

17. How are you and your mum different?

Josh – she has long hair

Kai – She is wider than me (fail)

18. How do you know mum loves you ?

Josh – Because I love her (so simple)

Kai – she loves me with all her heart

19. What does mum like most about dad?

Josh – that he’s sexy

Kai – he is hot (he really is)

20. Where’s mum favourite place to go ?

Josh – to Durban

Kai – Greece

21. How old was mum when you were born?

Josh – 33

Kai – 30

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5 tips for toddlers and mealtimes

During lunch over the weekend, friends asked me when my boys learnt to sit at the table, and when could they expect their two year old toddler to join them and quietly eat his meal. I was caught a little off guard because I really can’t remember when the transition happened and I also did not have the heart to tell them that at seven and ten years old it is still sometimes a challenge! I gave some very vague, non helpful answer and now feel I let my friend down and could have said so much more.

I don’t think you can expect a two year old to sit at the table and join you for dinner. A two year old is far too busy exploring the world and needs to move around a lot! By expecting him to sit still and eat nicely you are putting so much pressure on yourselves and on him and it will stress everybody out. Yes I have seen two or three year old children sitting beautifully at a restaurant eating with a knife and fork and listening to their parents, but each child is so unique and it is ok that your toddler is a busy and active little guy. The minute you put expectations on him, you are all in for a major fall.

I know how stressed I still get when my boys don’t do what they are ‘supposed’ to do. Most of the time it is not even my expectations, but those of family, friends and society that we are trying to uphold.  Is it that important that at two your toddler sits down and eats with you at the table for an entire meal? Obviously in the perfect world we would all chuckle smugly while sipping chilled blush as our toddler delightfully eats every scrap on his plate before politely asking to be excused, but seriously I think that there were much more important things that I saw at lunch that day.

I loved seeing my friend happy and relaxed sharing a moment with her husband in a secret smile while looking at their son. I felt excited listening to them chat about their new house and their hopes and dreams for the future. I enjoyed watching Dad teach his little boy to swim and to float on the noodle in the pool and to show him a lesson of trust as he caught him when he jumped in from the side. These moments for me were far more precious and impressive than good table manners at this stage.

Some tips that helped me around mealtimes are:

Try and lead by example and sit at the table for meal times. Make it an occasion and even ask him to help out with setting the place mats and carrying the salt and pepper.

I used a Sitright (or try Enzi) chair and these are great as you can push them right up to the table and make a big deal out of his own special, big boy chair!

Sit down together and don’t make a big fuss if he needs to have a wander around. Carry on as normal and he may get inquisitive and come back for more.

Don’t make a big deal out of the meal. Toddlers are way too clever and can spot a con a mile off. Don’t do fake yum yums!

Try not to let your little one graze throughout the day – it is easier to have him sit down and eat if he is hungry and has not been snacking right up till supper time.

I wish someone had said to me that if it all goes pear shaped it really does not matter and you can try again tomorrow!

By Jo

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We have “gone grey”!

 MooMoo sleeping bags are now available in a lovely subtle shade of grey, which co-ordinates beautifully with the colour scheme in many a modern nursery.  We are loving green with pale yellow, mint and/or pink!

This grey 100% cotton chambray sleeping bag is the perfect addition to your nursery, and far safer and more practical than a duvet set.

Like all our sleeping bags, these have the following features:
• Machine washable, tumble-dryable and 100% cotton
• Easy to put on with a zip up the side. Can be laid out almost completely open in your little one’s cot.
• Don’t have to take baby out of sleeping bag for night-time nappy changes -just unzip the bottom! This double-zip is also useful for a quick check on the temperature of your little one’s feet, or zip can be left open on a slightly warmer night to allow more air circulation.
• Beautifully packaged, making them ideal baby shower gifts


Click on this link to go to the sleeping bag section of our shop.



We have also added a grey floral ponytail sunhat to our ponytail sunhat offering.  Lovely on a hook in the room, but also very practical headwear!  Click on the sunhat pic to go to that section of our shop.

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The SA post office is on strike

Until the strike at the post office is over, we have disabled the postal delivery option on our website.  This means that customers can get free delivery to your door on all orders over R400, or will have to pay R100 for courier delivery on smaller orders.

We are so sorry about the inconvenience, and just hope the issues at the post office get resolved soon.  For further information on the strike, please click on this link.

More news on the ongoing strike action and its effect on business at this link, and more recently here.  While things are slowly improving, we have decided to not add the postal option back onto our website until things are completely back to normal.

I do note the irony in their slogan at the moment, and just want to add that because MooMoo aims to deliver, whatever it takes, we are not going to be using the post office until further notice!

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MooMoo Kids on holiday

MooMoo Kids is closed until Wednesday, 9 January 2013.

All orders placed from now onwards, will only be shipped in the week of 9 January 2013.

I will be responding to emails, confirming receipt of payment, etc during our break, but orders won’t actually be worked on or despatched until the week of 9 January.

We wish all our wonderful customers a really fantastic time over this festive season- and hope that your MooMoo sunwear, beach gowns, sunhats, summer sleeping bags and cotton kiddigrows are really useful and make this sometimes rather stressful time of year just that little bit easier!