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Childhood tics

Both of my children suffer from various forms of transient tic disorder and always have. Sometimes it feels as if I will end up in the loony bin myself just watching them. It is very stressful and sometimes my husband and I just look at each other in bewilderment. At the moment we are down to one child with two tics but I have experienced two children displaying two or three different tics each at the same time. It feels like Crazyville.

If you are a Mom of children who do this, you will understand the level of anxiety it causes to you and how much you would like to hit the helpful person in the face who insists on pointing it out to you and your child!

My youngest son started a few days before going back to school with hectic eye blinking. He does do this anyway but once he is under any form of stress it goes up a notch. If I could have 500 bucks every time someone ingenuously suggests I try eye drops and then stressing him out further so that the blinking is radical, I would be very rich.

He also twitches his shoulder when he is feeling self conscious. He clicks it in and out of the socket and if you point it out the intensity increases two fold.

Both boys have had an awful persistent sniff (you really do feel like you may go insane), a very annoying cough throat tickle thing, shoulder shrugging, neck grimacing (which is very challenging to watch without reacting), and eye twitching and blinking.

I blame my husband’s side of the family (unusual behaviour is definitely from him), and just have to be extremely patient. It is temporary and will pass. My kids are both highly functioning boys who do very well at school and are happy, amazing and sociable.

My advice if you see a child with ‘quirks’ please don’t point them out – their Mom is very aware of them and struggling inside.

Transient tic disorder is a temporary condition in which a person makes one or many brief, repeated, movements or noises (tics). These movements or noises are involuntary (not on purpose).

Transient tic disorder is common in children.

Tic – transient tic disorder.

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