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Hats and Toddlers!

I think the majority of parents agree that keeping young faces (and necks and ears) protected from our harsh South African sun is one of the many challenges for parents in this country. Hats that are comfortable and shade face, neck and ears are essential.  The right kind of hat can be hard to find- hence the development of MooMoo sunhats!

MooMoo wide-brimmed sunhats adjust to fit,  and both styles (the wide-brimmed style and the UV suncap with flaps) provide excellent sun protection and stay on in windy conditions.  We have had their efficacy tested by the Medunsa laboratory in Pretoria, and we are very pleased to be able to report that all our sunhats are certified UPF 50+.

Keeping even the nicest hat on the head of a toddler can still, admittedly, be challenging.  Rather than getting into a rather unproductive game of “put sunhat on, toddler takes sunhat off”, try this strategy.   It’s the “no sunhat, no outside play” rule I enforce strictly in summer.  Babies as little as 10 months can be taught this rule- as soon as the baby pulls off the sunhat- take baby back inside, saying “no hat, no outside play”.  Put hat back on and let little one out again.  After a few repetitions of this, they will get the message and accept the hat (especially if there is something fun like a splash pool of water with floating toys outside!).

Now that mine are older, they always grab a hat on the way outside- they just know it is non-negotiable!