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How to use a baby sleeping bag.

One of the most useful products I found with getting my boys into a good sleep routine was a sleeping bag.

I wouldn’t have gone without one and think that for me they were a vital step in establishing  a successful sleep time routine.

It is a good idea to get your baby used to a sleeping bag from around three to four months old. This is when they no longer want to be swaddled but still like the security of being snug.

Sleeping bags make sure that your baby is covered throughout the night because they can’t kick their covers off. It also slightly restricts too much movement for very wriggly customers who prefer acrobatics to sleeping!.

Sleeping bags are a great way for your little one to learn to associate sleep time with being in their sleeping bag.

After bathtime you could give your baby a soothing massage which helps bond and calm you both after a busy day.  You could then dress him in a 100% cotton poppervest and leggings to help nappy stay in place and to make sure no cold breezes sneak through any clothes gaps.

A MooMoo  kiddigrow will help keep snug over the poppervest if it is very cold and then into the sleeping bag.

The sleeping bag can be unzipped all the way around and spread out flat on your compactum or in your cot so it is not a struggle to get into.

Now you are ready for a warm bottle and a cuddle before bed.

Once your baby is relaxed and sleepy  you can lay him into the cot and if need be unzip the sleeping bag from the bottom using a double sided zip to see if nappy is dry and in place and  to also check that his body temperature  is not too warm.

Rezip and turn the lights low allowing baby to settle.

During the night the double sided zip is ideal for a quick nappy change and resettle without too much fuss!

Sleeping bags are machine washable and can be tumble dried on a low heat, are available in summer and winter weights and are 100% cotton outers.

Sleeping bags also make wonderful babyshower gifts for first time Moms if you need any ideas

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