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Introducing Sleep Training Consultants

Rhonel, founder of Sleep Training Consultants, has 25 years of experience in helping parents establish good sleep routines.  She offers full support (with a consultant staying overnight) to ensure little ones can transition from needing help to go to sleep, to self-soothing in a safe, secure and loving way.  There is no crying it out or leaving your baby to become stressed only gentle guidance and care.

In order to eliminate as many unnecessary causes of night-time wakings, Rhonel endorses the use of MooMoo sleep solutions- specifically, MooMoo sleeping bags for little ones that are still in cots and MooMoo kiddigrows for toddlers that are in their “big beds”.

She has other useful suggestions like lining curtains with blockout lining so that rooms can be calmly dim- even when it is bright outside still.

Rhonel has experience with multiples, babies and toddlers and will give advice on feeding patterns, bedtime routines and offer general support to new Moms and Dads.

She is happy to travel and will base her recommendations around your family needs and requirements and work together to create a routine that works for you.

Rhonel’s passion for children matches ours and together we work towards making the lives of South African Moms more manageable.

A little planning and control goes a long way to creating a peaceful, contented home.

Please contact Rhonel on 072 222 6279 or 021 761 5840