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Introducing the Babyroo Bath Apron by MooMoo Kids

Bath-time is such a precious time to bond with your baby.  Babies love the warm water and womb-like comfort of a bath, but once it is time to get out, bath-time can suddenly become rather overwhelming and stressful, as you struggle to keep the towel dry, support the baby and get baby wrapped and snug as quickly as possible.  This is when a Babyroo bath towel comes to the rescue!

Babyroo bath towels by MooMoo Kids make bath-time easier and safer.  These convenient towel-aprons with hood clip around mom or dad’s neck with a popper and tie around the waist with a cotton gingham strap, leaving hands free to bath baby confidently.  During bath-time, the generous length keeps Mom or Dad dry when little one is showing off all those clever splashing moves!  After bath-time, the wet and slippery baby can be lifted up with both hands onto the chest, hood popped on and then quickly snuggled dry.  You can then take baby to the changing mat for a more thorough dry in all those cute baby folds and creases.

Babyroo bath towels are made from beautifully soft and absorbent bamboo towelling.  Bamboo is naturally antibacterial and eco-friendly.  Bamboo grows without pesticide and can be spun into yarn without harsh chemical treatments.  They can be washed at lower temperatures and dry more quickly than cotton towels, adding to their eco-credentials.

Babyroo bath towels are sent out beautifully packaged, making them an ideal baby shower gift.  Click here to shop for them.