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It’s so great to hear from happy customers!

I must say that getting positive customer feedback is a huge highlight of my day, and makes all the hard work feel really worthwhile.

Especially when I hear that little ones are sleeping through now that they are in either a MooMoo sleeping bag or kiddigrow- because getting more sleep means happier little ones, and parents that are better able to cope with the enormous demands we face daily.  So satisfying.

I also LOVE getting pics of little ones wearing their MooMoo products.

Please don’t hold back on negative feedback- we value it very highly even though receiving it is not as pleasant.  All suggestions for improving the products, or the way we interact with you, are our blueprint for planning the next season.

For example, the zip protector on all our kiddigrows and jumpsuits was a customer’s suggestion for which we are truly grateful.  This is one of many improvements that have come from our customers.  We are small enough to listen!