Key Measurements for MooMoo Onesies

We have made selecting the correct size for your MooMoo Onesie really simple!

There are 2 key measurements you can take, to see if you are a size small, medium, large or extra-large (numbered 1 and 2 on the diagram), and then another to see if you should be ordering the short, medium or long leg length (numbered 3).  Please note that these measurements are YOUR measurements- the onesie will be made quite a bit bigger than this, as it is not a tight-fitting garment.


1. This is the circumference of your chest or tummy (whichever is widest!)

2. This is the measurement from the nape of your neck to the seat of a chair, when sitting.

3. This is your inner leg measurement (crotch to ankle)








If you don’t feel like measuring (finding a tape measure is often a big ask!), you should be fine taking your usual size, and then selecting your leg length based on whether trousers are generally the right length for you (medium leg), or if you often have to shorten trousers (short leg), or if trousers are often not long enough (long legs)!  Because there are cuffs at the wrists and ankles, and the garment is loose-fitting, your purchase should fit you.  If it doesn’t, you can send it back to us and we will try again.



Measurement 1 (chest circumference) 85cm-95cm 95cm-110cm 110cm-120cm 120cm-135cm
Measurement 2 (nape to seat) less than 80cm 80cm- 83cm 83cm-85cm 85 cm or more
Measurement 3 71cm or less 72cm-77cm 78cm or more

If you are a lot bigger, or smaller, than the above, please email us with your key measurements, and we will make up a onesie especially for you!