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Launch of MooMoo Rainsuits

The perfect little outfit for stomping in puddles on a rainy day!

MooMoo rainsuits are brilliant for ensuring little ones can play outside, even when it is wet!  Ideal garments for reducing “cabin fever” in little ones who need some time outside even when it has been, or is, raining.

Our rainsuits feature water resistant fabrics and taped seams, hoods, as well as zip protectors to ensure little ones don’t get soaked while playing outside in rainy weather.

 Please note: while we have taped the seams and used a water resistant fabric, MooMoo rainsuits are not 100% waterproof, as our little models proved when standing right over the sprinkler during our photoshoot.  We will try to match the colour of your free gumboots to your rainsuit, but the gumboots you receive may be blue when you order a red rainsuit, or vice versa, depending on stock.  The sizing on the rainsuits is generous, and does take into account that our customers will probably be wearing clothes underneath their rainsuits.  The gumboots are sized as per standard South African shoe sizes.