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MooMoo babygrows

Well, a babygrow is not a new concept.

When my children were babies, I quickly realised a babygrow is the ideal babywear.  No worries about their soft little tummies being hurt or restricted by a waistband, their feet were covered, and nappy changing was easy.  I remember often keeping the night-time babygrow on in the morning (assuming it was dry, etc after the night, and that was definitely not always the case!) and just adding some cuter clothing over, if I was going out.  My babies did not enjoy being dressed in fiddly things, so unlike the dolls I loved dressing as a child!

Anyway, back to babygrows and how useful they are.  One of the issues I sometimes had with babygrows, was when the design was what I would describe as fussy.  My babies hated clothes being pulled over their heads, so a babygrow where one needed to pull it over, was a no-no in my house.  Then, many all-in-ones, and I am yet to understand the logic- have hoods.   Hoods with ears are really cute, but I don’t understand putting them on garments babies are probably going to sleep in because there is just so much more risk of them getting caught/strangled/suffocated in the hood.  I had some cute little jackets with hoods, which I loved, but I would not recommend putting a baby to sleep in a onesie with a hood.

So,  babygrows are not new, but we would like to believe the MooMoo babygrow is the ultimate all-in-one baby clothing solution!

MooMoo babygrows feature:

  • a choice of 100% pure cotton, or 100% polyester fleece, or 100% polyester coral fleece (the fluffy version)
  • a zip-front, because sometimes it is tricky to get all those poppers done up in the correct order (this is often the case in the middle of the night, when you are trying to quickly change a sleepy, little one and time is of the essence!)
  • a full-length zip protector with chin guard, so that the zip does not make contact with your little one’s precious skin
  • a double zip, so that you can unzip from the bottom, to check on the nappy- or change it- while baby’s chest is still covered.  We call this our “upsy-daisy” feature!
  • all MooMoo products are made with pride and to the highest quality standards, here in Cape Town

Click here to shop MooMoo babygrows in cotton and here to shop for fleece ones.