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MooMoo Beach Gowns make waves in Australia!

MooMoo Beach Gowns are a real South African good news story!

Like all MooMoo products, they are made in Cape Town from beautiful, 100% pure cotton beach towels that are themselves manufactured in SA- so you can’t get more “lekker local” than this product.

Inspired by the weekly struggle to get little ones out of wet swimming gear after swimming lessons, we knew there had to be lots of parents out there that would appreciate their zips, hoods, great absorbancy, fun colours and ease of use!  This has definitely proven to be true here in SA.

Now, thanks to an innovative and brave ex-South African living in Perth, MooMoo Beach Gowns are available in Australia and are a huge hit there!  Be sure to mention to any Australian friends and family to browse  Gill will be pleased to help.

And of course, for South Africans wanting to support the local textile industry, please click on this link to shop MooMoo Beach Gowns.