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MooMoo Beach Gowns

It is really tricky to get little ones back into clothes after swimming lessons- certainly sliding trousers on is almost impossible- so we’ve developed the MooMoo Beach gown!  Our gowns are made from beach towels, and feature:
  • hoods for wet hair
  • zip-fronts for easy dressing
  • a pocket for beach treasures
  • 100% cotton, high absorbency velour towelling
  • long sleeves and enough length to keep the car seat dry!

They are also ideal for after swimming at the beach or pool, or even after bath-time.

My sister is finding her toddler’s Beach Gown very useful for something I certainly had not thought of- he is being potty-trained at the moment- and she finds if he is wearing the Beach Gown it is easy for him to pull it up quickly and get to the potty (no undies on!), and for the inevitable accidents, the Gown’s absorbency is great!