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MooMoo sleeping bags- now with an optional MooMoo warm pouch!

MooMoo winter sleeping bags are now available with a MooMoo WARM POUCH on the front!  This special pocket  houses an inner bag (containing organic white rice) that can be heated in the microwave (just for 30 seconds) before bedtime to add a reassuringly warm weight to the classic MooMoo sleeping bag.

The MooMoo warm pouch gives babies a lovely sense of security (a bit like having mom’s hand on your tummy!), especially as babies transition from swaddling, or for light sleepers and those that suffer from colic.

The separate inner bag needs to be heated in the microwave for just 30 seconds, and then popped into the pouch as you put your baby down to sleep.  It will add a lovely gentle warmth (that lasts about 30 minutes) and a bit of weight that babies find reassuring.  Please note that the inner bag cannot be washed (the rest of the sleeping bag can be washed, of course!).  New inner bags and extras can be purchased from us separately, should you need them.  We suggest taking the bag out of the pocket when you go to bed to minimize the risk of it getting wet, etc.