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MooMoo widebrimmed sunhats certified UPF 50+

Our customers will know that MooMoo sunwear and our MooMoo UV suncaps with flaps are made from special, certified UPF  50+ lycra fabric, so  they provide excellent UV protection, blocking 98% of UV radiation..

Our wide-brimmed sunhats are made from 100% woven cotton and so we did not know their UltraViolet Protective Factor (or UPF) and really wanted to find out.  After a bit of investigation, we found out that there is one place in South Africa that has the technology to test fabric (as well as suncreams, etc) and rate their ability to block UV radiation. Samples of all our sunhats had to be sent to this special lab on the Medunsa campus of the University of Limpopo for testing…. and we are delighted to be able to tell you they all provide UPF50+ protection from the harsh SA sun.  So now we can market them with confidence, knowing that their wide brims, adjustability and excellent UV protection make them ideal for South African children!

Isn’t that nice to know?!

Next on the list of items to test, are our MooMoo Beach Gowns- we will keep you posted on their UV protection factor!