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My experience of bedwetting

So often what one experiences with one child, is just so different to what happens with the next, and for me this was certainly the case when it comes to nocturnal enuresis, or what is commonly called bedwetting! One of my 2 was a dry through the night at the same time as she was toilet trained during the day – after toilet training we could just do away with nappies altogether. Very simple.

But not so with my other one! He was potty trained during the day, but still needed a nappy at night for years. My mom said I had needed a nappy until I was 5, so, suspecting there might be some poor genetics at play, I didn’t even try to get rid of the night-time nappy until he was 5. At that stage, I did consult my doctor. She explained that there is a certain hormone (the anti-diuretic hormone) that ensures urine is concentrated during the night, so that the volume of urine does not increase like it does during the day, and that this hormone can kick in later in some people than in others. There are some medications she said can be very effective, but she also said that the hormone should kick in by the time he was 7.  So we just carried on with the nappy.  I don’t think it affected his self-esteem too badly – I told him that he was like me, and that some children just needed nappies for longer than others.

And one day, when he was 7, he woke up for the very first time with a dry nappy!  That week he had a few wet nappies, but mostly dry ones and by the next week he was completely dry and has been ever since.

Why I want to share my experience is because moms who are potty training quite often say that they don’t think a MooMoo kiddigrow will be suitable for their little one, who is going to need to go to the toilet in the night.  I completely agree that it is way too much to ask a toddler to unzip and then pull down the kiddigrow, wee and then put their arms in the sleeves and re-zip it up (although perhaps easier for little boys!)).  Similarly, MooMoo poppervests will definitely not work for little ones going to the toilet in the night.

I think what these moms perhaps don’t realise, is that toilet training (for during the day), and nocturnal enuresis- being dry at night- are 2 completely different things and will not necessarily coincide.  So MooMoo kiddigrows worked fine for me because my 2 wore nappies until they were dry at night- which happened early for the one, and much, much later for the other. Similarly, MooMoo poppervests are great for little ones that still need a nappy at night, but are not intended for once your little one is dry at night.

The other reason I wanted to share my experiences, is just to reassure other moms that in the vast majority of cases, children will outgrow bedwetting- some just do it earlier than others.  Having said that, I would recommend visiting your doctor to eliminate any other possible causes.