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Oh-Lief Natural Sunscreen- product review

I have to admit upfront- I hate sunscreen.  I hate applying it, I hate wearing it, I hate the way it sometimes melts into my eyes.  I hate that you can so easily miss a spot and get burnt in funny strips and stripes.  I hate the way it makes sand stick to your skin.  I hate having to remember to reapply it.

My aversion to sunscreen has led to the development of MooMoo sunwear, to minimise the amount of sunscreen needed.

I do acknowledge that sunscreen still plays an crucial role in protecting skin in sunny South Africa.  Experts warn that babies have thinner and more permeable skin than adults, and that toxins can pass far more easily through their skin than through ours.  Smothering little ones with chemical sunscreen does not feel right.

 That is why I was so excited when Oh-Lief launched their natural sunscreen for the whole family this summer.  We rushed out and bought a tube and all of us at MooMoo Kids started testing immediately!

 This is what we liked:

  • The sunscreen smells like beeswax (in a nice way)
  • It definitely works (risked our adult skins on it initially, and then the children- no burning!)
  • We love that it contains no nasties, and is safe for the whole family
  • Endorsed by CANSA
  • SPF30 broad spectrum protection and water resistant
  • We love the packaging and the fact that it is made right here in Cape Town, was SPF tested at the same South African laboratory that tested our sunhats and that Oh-Lief is another “good news” local business story


This is what we didn’t like, (but are prepared to live with):

  • It is a bit grainy on application, but this does disappear as you rub the cream in
  • It feels greasy on application- this also improves once it has been absorbed/dried- about 10-15 minutes later
  • It needs rather a lot of rubbing in, which is challenging with babies and toddlers.  Definitely needs to be applied at home- ideally as part of a morning nappy change routine or something.  Not ideal to apply on the beach- that stickiness will be problematic in the sand.

So, I recommend Oh-Lief natural sunscreen for the whole family as a great option for South African babies and toddlers- because it works AND has only natural, high quality ingredients.