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Product Review: Oh-Lief Natural Olive Baby Shampoo

I have a rather sensitive skin.  As a baby, my mom fondly remembers having to deal with terrible nappy rash, and changing my (obviously cloth) nappy almost hourly to try to mitigate the problem!  As an adult, my skin has definitely settled down, but the one problem I do have is with standard shampoo on my scalp.  I seem to get allergic to it (red and itchy scalp)- after a few months or sometimes just weeks of use.  This has made me a complete shampoo slut- moving from brand to brand…..  until now!

I am very happy to tell you that I have been trialing our beautiful Oh-Lief Natural Olive Baby Shampoo on myself for almost 6 months now and I am just thrilled with the results!

It lathers beautifully, feels very soothing on my sensitive scalp, and smells very pleasant.  My hair is shiny and clean after use and I can highly recommend it- for the whole family, as it happens!  Feedback from one of our customers on it, was that it can make baby’s fine hair more prone to tangles, and if I have any complaint/feedback for Oh-Lief, it is this:

Oh-Lief, please bring out a conditioner (and perhaps a detangling spray)  to complement the shampoo as soon as possible!  Click here to buy some!