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Summer is on its way- so get prepared for protecting those young skins!

Idyllic beaches, wonderful, relaxed afternoons by the pool and lots of summer adventures are just around the corner.  I can’t wait!  But, I also know that the summer sunshine brings additional parental responsibilities.

The statistics are frightening.

  • Excess sun exposure at a young age, significantly increases the risk of skin cancers developing later in life.
  • 80% of a person’s sun damage is done in the first 18 years of life.
  • South Africa has the second highest incidence of skin cancer in the world (we are second only to Australia)[i]

With these facts in mind, I have really struggled in the past to strike the right balance between being a complete kill-joy while protecting my children from excess sun exposure, and yet still protecting them sufficiently.  One of my problems turned out to be relying too heavily on sunscreen.  All too often I was the desperate mom brandishing sunscreen, chasing little ones down the beach, kids and me screaming.  I was never sure they had enough sunscreen on, and because sand and sunscreen create a sand-paper effect, my wanting to re-apply frequently was not popular!

For more peaceful summers, I have learnt to rely more on physical barriers (i.e. MooMoo sunhats and MooMoo Sunwear!).  This way I can actually see the protection, and I don’t have to chase the kids with sunscreen as frequently!  I hope you find our range just as useful as I do.

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[i] All statistics sourced from CANSA website-