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The development of MooMoo Crawlies

Modern flooring has not been designed with crawling babies in mind. Tiles, marble, laminates and wood are slippery and cold in winter, offering very little traction. And while crawling is just a temporary stage on the road to walking, experts tell us it is a very important developmentally.

We had carpets in our house when my 2 were crawling, so I didn’t notice the issue then, but when my little nephew, Dominic, started learning to crawl (and we had replaced the carpets with laminate in the interim), I could see that he was struggling.

It works out that the grippy paw-prints we have developed for our MooMoo kiddigrows, are also brilliant for grippy kneepads! Hence the development of MooMoo Crawlies.

They are useful for little ones that are struggling to get their knees up to crawl, as well as for those speed-crawlers whose knees and clothing can take strain from all the crawling!

Please click on this link to see our cute MooMoo Crawlie dungaree and T-shirt sets.