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The new and enhanced MooMoo sleeping bag

MooMoo sleeping bags have been recently enhanced.  Now the zip (with zip-protector) unzips all the way from the neck (and then down the side and bottom)- with seams on the shoulders rather than buttons- making the sleeping bag a lot stronger.  They can withstand all the pressure little ones put on the shoulders through standing up in them, etc!

As many of you know, MooMoo sleeping bags are the ultimate sleep solution for little ones in cots that kick the covers off.  If they are wearing a MooMoo sleeping bag- a winter or a summer one, depending on the season- they can’t kick the covers off and hence stay warm through the night, giving tired parents at least one less reason for night-time wakeups!

Our sleeping bags still have the great double-zip, so that you can change nappies, or check the temperature of your little one’s toes, from the bottom.

Sleeping bags are recommended as much safer than loose blankets, to reduce risks associated with SIDS, and from a practical point of view, make so much more sense than having to get up and check whether baby is covered in the night!  I would advise swaddling newborns, and then move onto a sleeping bag from about the age of 4 months, when the moro (or startle) reflex starts to become less pronounced making swaddling no longer necessary.  At that age, babies won’t necessarily be kicking covers off yet, but rest assured they soon will be and the sooner they get used to a sleeping bag, the better.  If they are already enjoying rolling all over their cot, they might resist the transition to sleeping bag a bit (although it is definitely still possible to get them used to them- please email me for some some tips!).

Because sleeping bags do make it difficult for toddlers to get out of their big beds, the move from cot to bed could be the time to stop using sleeping bags.  Having said that, many toddlers enjoy the familiarity and security of staying in their sleeping bag, even though they are now in a big bed- that is what I did with my 2, and hence we do go up to size 3-5 yrs with our sleeping bags!  For many, however, this is the stage that they use traditional duvets/blankets, along with our MooMoo kiddigrows, to ensure if their little one does kick the covers off, their feet, mid-section, etc are still covered.