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The SA post office is on strike

Until the strike at the post office is over, we have disabled the postal delivery option on our website.  This means that customers can get free delivery to your door on all orders over R400, or will have to pay R100 for courier delivery on smaller orders.

We are so sorry about the inconvenience, and just hope the issues at the post office get resolved soon.  For further information on the strike, please click on this link.

More news on the ongoing strike action and its effect on business at this link, and more recently here.  While things are slowly improving, we have decided to not add the postal option back onto our website until things are completely back to normal.

I do note the irony in their slogan at the moment, and just want to add that because MooMoo aims to deliver, whatever it takes, we are not going to be using the post office until further notice!