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Ultra-lightweight sleeping bag

Ultra lightweight MooMoo sleeping bag

In order to facilitate using a sleeping bag through summer, MooMoo Kids have developed an ultra-lightweight summer sleeping bag, which is the equivalent of sleeping under a sheet.  It is made from just a single layer of 100% cotton.  In all other respects, it has all the features of our winter and summer weight sleeping bags, which include:

  • A double-zip, so you can unzip the bottom of the bag for additional ventilation, to check on the temperature of your little one’s feet, or to do a night-time nappy change without taking the sleeping bag off
  • A zip-protector and chin-guard so that the zip does not annoy your baby
  • Our well-known and much appreciated extra width for maximum freedom of movement
  • Made from beautiful 100% cotton in a range of prints and plains
  • In sizes from age 0-6 months right up to age 3-5 years
  • Made in South Africa, to exacting quality standards

It can feel tempting to leave your baby out of their sleeping bag on warmer nights in summer.  It can also be tempting to just use a sleeping bag in winter, when baby will definitely be cold without it.

BUT, if you are wanting to ensure the best chance of baby (and therefore, of course, you!), getting a good night’s rest, it is best to keep them in a sleeping bag through summer.

Here are the reasons for this:

  • Consistency– the sleeping bag becomes part of baby’s sleep cues and works in conjunction with the rest of your bed-time (and nap-time) routine to signal that this is sleepy time
  • Temperature dips– even in summer, as an adult, there is a time in the early morning hours, where temperatures dip and we pull up our covers and carry on sleeping.  Your baby won’t pull up covers, so will wake up!
  • You may well find your baby just simply sleeps better in a sleeping bag.  Air on skin has a very different feeling to fabric on skin and can cause wakefulness.  This is the same for many grownups, who prefer to sleep under a sheet, even when it is hot.
  • If you allow your baby the complete freedom of movement that not having a sleeping bag offers, you could potentially have a problem getting baby to go back into one when cooler weather is back.
  • You lose the advantages that sleeping bags offer in terms of reducing the chances of legs getting caught between the cot rungs, as well as the useful way a sleeping bag reduces a baby’s “climbing-out-of-cot” ability!