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Why do I need a baby swim nappy?

Nowadays, many swimming schools in South Africa offer wonderful baby and caregiver swimming lessons in beautifully heated, indoor swimming pools.  These lessons for babies provide a special way to bond with your baby, while also teaching them to be water-safe.   Swimming teachers then do a gentle transition from water-safety basics with you in the pool,  to teaching little ones to swim, while you watch from the sidelines. Until your baby is potty trained, teachers require a swimming nappy to be worn in the pool.

So, if you are keen to do baby swimming lessons, one of the first things you will need is a swim nappy.  We are very proud to sell the cutest swim nappies on the market- Mother Nature Swim nappies!

Mother Nature swim nappies have the following features:

  • Available in 2 sizes that cover weights from 7kg- 10 kg (size medium) and 11kg+ (size large)
  • 3 sets of poppers on each side of the nappy, so you can get the fit just right
  • Cute fabrics so that the nappy can easily be worn on its own (in indoor pools where sun exposure is not a concern)
  • Front tie for nautical pizzazz
  • Great used under MooMoo poppersuits when out in the sun
  • Endorsed by swimming teachers
  • Machine-washable and able to be used again and again
  • Save money because you won’t ever need expensive disposable swim nappies

Please note that when in water, swimming nappies will not prevent urine from escaping, but are there to “catch a poo” (this is the same for a disposable swimming nappy).  For outside the water, Mother Nature swim nappies do have a towelling inner to prevent leaks.

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